what is CryptogamblingX and Gamblingchain

CryptogamblingX is a decentralized blockchain based online gambling platform. We are aiming to become the biggest and best cryptocurrency based cryptogamblingX platform in the world. The development team is going to make this happen by launching our platform with over 100 games for you to play ! cryptogamblingX will distinguish from other cryptocurrency gambling platforms by implementing an internal exchange where you can buy our native cryptocurrency; gamblingchain ( abbreviation GMBL ). On the gambling platform blockchain technology will be combined with traditional gambling opportunities.
CryptogamblingX brings all the aspects of gambling, trading, reffering and earning at one place with supreme ease. Unleash the gambler inside you and gamble with your GMBL or use your trading skills on our internal exchange!
CryptogamblingX is initiated to build a platform empowering you to gambl and celebrate your trading skills in super simple formats and attractive commissions and discounts.

Very Simple To Use & Fun

Meet the new decentralized world of cryptocurrency gambling at CryptogamblingX. gamble, trade, grow, store and manage your digital wealth with super simple processes, secure payment solutions and all the benefits cryptocurrency brings you. Join Cryptogamblingx for the best experience in Cryptocurrency.


Low Fees

CryptogamblingX lets you enjoy the lowest costs for gambling , depositing and withdrawing. By introducing our internal exchange you will also be able to enjoy lower trading fees than used on other exchanges

Safe and Secure Platform

With extreme safe and secured wallets, gamblers and traders have guarenteed access to their funds. Transparent mechanism of charges and commissions make it the safest peer to peer online gambling platform.


CryptogamblingX is designed for serving users with the best gambling platform. Unlock the fun of earning GMBL by playing traditional casino games and participating in our lottery.


CryptogamblingX takes pride in bringing you our own exchange where you can exchange GMBL against other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash and Ripple. We will be offering the lowest trading fees possible! Trade GMBL with full control of your funds.


You can also earn cryptocurrency by reffering your friends to the platform. After signing up you will receive your own unique link by which you can invite your friends to CryptogamblingX.


Enjoy arbitrage opportunities by trading GMBL against multiple other cryptocurrencies on our internal exchange. You can also take profit from GMBL price differences on our internal exchange against prices on several external exchanges.

Cryptogamblingx ICO

Cryptogamblingx Road Map

Distribution ICO Funds

Development Platform
Affiliate Bonus
Reserve Funds

GMBL Token Distribution

Reserve Funds
Dev Team
ICO Bonus Tokens

Refer & Earn


You can earn Ethereum by becoming an affiliate during our ICO. You can simply become an affiliate by signing up for the CryptogamblingX ICO. Once you are signed up you will receive your own unique link to invite others for the Gamblingchain ICO. We will only have an affiliate program with 1 level and you will receive 30% of all money spend by the people you have introduced tot he Gamblingchain ICO. You will receive your funds in Ethereum, directly in your wallet and you are free to witdraw it anytime you want!

Which games will you be able to play on CRYPTOGAMBLINGX ?

The platform is going to be launched with 100+ gambling games. Every month a new game will be added . The community can vote on which game will be added to the CryptogamblingX platorm, voting will be done using GMBL tokens. See the list below for a selection of the 100 + games we will be launching our platform with. Remember, this is just a selection, many more games will be added to the platform.